6 Raw Vegans Who Have Definitely Turned Back The Biological Clock!

Goodbye Wrinkles, Sagging Skin; Welcome Health, Vitality and Youth

Have a look at these 6 photos and then check how old these people actually are. Emotional Forecast: surprise, shock, disbelief are bound to persist for a while before making way for clouds of awe and amazement.

We’ve talked about 2 of them already here on Raw Vegan Zone in earlier posts. Read here about

One striking similarity in all these amazing people is the phenomenal difference in their biological and physical age. One more similarity which is not entirely coincidental is that they are all raw vegan. Raw Veganism has been the mantra of these ‘youthful’ raw foodists for decades. And they all attribute their age defying looks, perfect bodies to their plant based diets.

They acknowledge that they have conquered debilitating ailments and lifestyle diseases after making the crucial shift in their diets. This shift has enabled them to heal themselves and to lead fuller, healthier lives.

Read on and get inspired!


Meet 6 inspiring raw foodists with an appearance that will trample on any skepticism or doubt about the living foods movement:

1. Storm Talifero, 64
Storm Talifero
Storm Talifero is one of the oldest and most successful long-term 100% raw vegans in the movement today. He has been raw for over 42 years, and at age 64 he looks more like he is in his 30’s or 40’s. He’s an athlete, author, illustrator, architect and raw chef who has brought many innovative recipes to the art of raw cuisine. If you’ve read any of Storm’s e-books you’re familiar with his maxims: “Fresh is Best”, “Don’t put your food in the fire” and “Would you like your food with or without the nutrients?”. Having raised a large family, through many years Storm’s recipes have evolved into a menu plan program that has helped hundreds of people to experience the raw diet in a format that is doable in modern life.

2. Annette Larkins, 72
This perfect image of health, vitality and youth with a petite size four frame and a wrinkle-free face is over 70 years of age! She has been a raw vegan for 27 years and vegan for many years before that. The resident of Miami-Dade County, Florida, attributes her youthful looks to her raw vegan diet and grows almost everything she eats in the garden she refers to as her ‘fountain of youth’. In her famous interview, ABC reporters explored her back yard, to find that every inch is covered in plants and trees that grow the fruits Mrs. Larkins eats. She told reporters “’My diet consists of fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds. I do a lot of sprouting of seeds and as you can see from my garden and of course, these are the raw foods that I eat.’”

3. Lou Corona, 60
lou corona
Lou has been on a raw vegan diet for a whopping 39 years. Before he started the raw vegan diet he suffered from a multitude of illnesses ranging from asthma to a tumor, eventually coming to a place where he was able to heal himself from chronic asthma, severe allergies, major constipation, candida, tumors, severe acne, and debilitating arthritis. He now teaches the 4 principles that helped him gain his life back and reach outstanding health and core strength.


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