Cooking Below 118°F – A Rising Global Trend!

A nutrient-dense lifestyle – on the rise and very rewarding!

A raw vegan dining experience still conjures up images of a bowl of salad, some veggie sticks and fancy fresh fruit platter in the minds of some carnivores. Fortunately though, raw cuisine these days is certainly much more than that.

With an array of vegan food substitutes available and an ever increasing number of people opting for a raw food diet, it’s only too obvious that chefs and restauranteurs the world over are taking the growing influence of this lifestyle very seriously. Raw vegan has hit the dining scene globally with a number of exclusive restaurants dedicated to cater to their clientele with a wide range of dishes from amazing appetizers, mouth-watering main course options, to drool-inducing desserts to choose from. A raw foodist now also has his fair share of vegan wines to choose from.

Raw food dining is now a culinary experience thanks to celebrated chefs like Juan Carlos Miranda of The Plant Gallery, in Sydney, dedicated to the pursuit of transforming the image of raw food to an all new level.

A raw foodist himself, chef Juan has personally benefited by making the switch both physically and mentally and is currently engaged in designing eye-pleasing raw dishes from pizzas to pancakes and spaghetti to salsa, with a hint of flavors from his native Peru, with the sole purpose of showcasing the plant-based diet as an excellent culinary option for all – vegan and carnivores alike!

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Bondi Restaurant

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