Monthly Archives: September 2015

From S.A.D. To Raw And Radiant

Before Going Cold Turkey Vegan Overnight, Ashley Chong, 5’2 and 252 lbs at 21 Years Young Looked S.A.D. Ashley was featured in People Magazine,, Mercy for Animals, and, for the health transformation she managed to accomplish in less than a year. Her name is Ashley Chong of  has an amazing story of will power and determination to get […]

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Most Marvellous Mango Lassi

Very delicious, very creamy very vegan mango treat Mangoes are named the most consumed fruit in the world for good reason. Their sweet taste, vibrant color and smooth fiberless texture make mangoes a very versatile fruit. Great for smoothies and ice-creams, gorgeous as toppings on a torte, ideal for juices and simple delicious just by […]

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A Cardiothoracic Surgeon Who Practices What He Preaches

Coronary Disease can be reversed with a change of diet, says the surgeon. Dr. Wareham, 98 years old and a practicing cardiothoracic surgeon until the age of 95, has been vegan for almost half a century. His diet is testimony to his healthy, long and eventful professional life. He suggests that the elimination of animals fats and protiens from […]

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