Monthly Archives: November 2015

Top 3 Myths Of A Raw Food Diet Debunked

Most common raw food myths explained….. A Raw food diet is often associated with the numerous health benefits it brings to us, the many lifestyle diseases amongst others that it has contained or amazingly reversed and the enhanced physical endurance that it provides it followers- professional athletes amongst others. Find out more about this Amazing […]

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A Raw Caramel Apple A Day…

… Keeps Those Cravings Away! A raw vegan snack that’s healthy and heavenly. Apples are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that are good for you and your kids. They are available in numerous varieties, all year through.  Look out for the organic ones, to make this treat extra special. The highlight of this treat is caramel….now […]

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Coconut Lemon Thyme Cheesecake

Very Vegan, Very Raw And Very Delicious with Coconut, Lemon and Thyme- a marriage of flavors set on a heavenly crust! This amazing recipe is a departure from the usual raw cheesecake, as it contains no cashew nuts, the commonly used vegan substitute for raw cheesecake filings. Pine nuts are used as a perfect substitute for […]

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