Monthly Archives: February 2016

Relishable ’n Refreshing  Raw Ribbon Pasta

A sublime dish with carrots and coconut This raw carrot pasta dish makes for a satisfying low calorie and yet very nutrient-dense meal. Gorgeous orange pasta ribbons intertwined with fresh green spinach and brown mushrooms make a very pretty picture indeed. ADDICTIVE CARROT CAKE COOKIE DOUGH BITE  What really brings these vibrant raw veggies together […]

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Perfect Anytime Energy Bites

Raw and gluten-free snack These tiny ‘pick-me-up’ balls of goodness make for a great pre or post workout snack. Energize yourself with these awesome protein-rich blueberry balls and enjoy a healthy, vegan and guilt-free treat!  4 AWESOME TIPS FROM A PLANT-BASED CHAMPION BODY-BUILDER TOP 10  PLANT-BASED PROTEIN POWERHOUSES  This recipe uses minimal ingredients and is […]

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Best Raw Breakfast Bowl!

A great, gluten-free breakfast. Breakfast needs to be stress-free, nutritional and adequately power-packed to kick-start the day. This simple to make recipe is just that – full of healthy goodness, light and tasty, and makes for a perfect start to a long day. Check out this GORGEOUS GREEN SMOOTHIE BERRY PINK SMOOTHIE- A VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL Crispy […]

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Marvelous Mozzarella

Melt-in-your-mouth Mozzarella – A Must Try! Welcome to the world of vegan cheese! Plant-based cheese is ideal not only for vegans but also for people suffering from lactose-intolerance as it is completely free of milk products and animal-based enzymes. Vegan cheese can be made from soy protein, nuts, tapioca starch, arrowroot or nutritional yeast. It is […]

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