5 Amazing Tips to “Raw” Success This Year

Keen On Starting The New Year On A Healthier Note? 

Here are 5 amazing tips to ensure just that.

This is time for sticking to those New Year resolutions, especially if they are on the lines of leading a healthier life-style especially after all the indulgent festive meals with family and friends.

Incorporating raw food in our diets sounds more daunting than it actually is. These 5 easy tips will ensure that you not only start 2016 on a healthier note but also that you remain healthy all year through.

 So here goes:

1.  Start with breakfast

Kick start the day with a smoothie. Just blend fruits, greens, nuts and an add-in protein powders to give you the early morning boost and to keep you full longer. Adding a bit of healthy fats like coconut oil or any other vegan fat of your choice is also a great way to enhance those smoothies.

2.  Convert snacks to raw.

Trade the usual baked or processed snacks with fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, dry fruits and fresh vegetable sticks. Veggie sticks can be had with a healthy dip like hummus or guacamole …..yum!

3.  Trade lattes for green juices or coconut water.

Caffeine and dairy overloaded lattes are enjoyable of course! Try switching your usual cuppa with cool and hydrating coconut water or a veggie juice loaded with the anti-oxidant goodness . These healthy beverages will leave you feeling energized and adequately hydrated.

 4.  Add-in to dinners.

Incorporate ‘raw’ value to your dinners by simply adding grated carrots, fresh corn, colorful bell peppers or anything that you enjoy to your meal. It doesn’t always have to be a plate of salad by the side.

5.  Indulge in (raw) desserts.

Indulge that sweet tooth with delicious sorbets and desserts that are ‘raw’. This is a great way to satiate those cravings with plant-based raw sweet treats for all hard work you put in during the day. Check out our website for interesting raw dessert recipes.

So introduce these 5 healthy habits to your meals and enjoy a great, healthy and eventful year ahead!

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