A DIY Raw Vegan Yogurt!

Coconut-based, Easy-to-make With Minimal Ingredients

Yogurt is full good bacteria, aka probiotics, which are great digestive aids, especially for raw vegans, who tend to have a fiber rich diet. This recipe ensures that vegans, too, can have their fair share of probiotics.

Making yogurt at home, that too vegan, sounds very complicated, right? You are in for a surprise.
Three ingredients and that’s all it takes, to make this no fuss non-dairy yogurt from scratch at home.
Watch this easy technique and you’ll likely never go back to buying store-bought yogurt.
Why not treat yourself to a bowl of homemade vegan yogurt now.
Ingredients you’ll need for this recipe :
3 young coconuts
1 cup fresh coconut water
1-2 high quality refrigerated probiotic capsules
 Coconut Yogurt. Overview
Special Thanks to Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. and Laura Miller for this post. All photos and screenshots are from that post.
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