Breathtakingly Beautiful Raw Vegan Cakes & Works of Mandala Art

Mandala Art on Raw Vegan Cakes – A Delight for the Eyes & Taste Buds!

What you see here are not just beautiful works of art – they are cakes made with raw vegan ingredients! The intricate designs and the vibrant colors used in making them are representative of what we are all an integral part of…our universe.

Mandala, or Mandal, is a Sanskrit word meaning Circle. In a spiritual and ritualistic context in Hinduism and Buddhism, Mandalas represent the universe. Mandalas can be made on various mediums such as embroidery on cloth, or paintings on canvas or paper. Though quite popular especially in Tibetan Buddhism are Mandalas made with sand.

The circle of creation and destruction is constantly ongoing in the universe. Sand Mandalas are particularly representative of this process as they take a long time to create and complete, and can be wiped out in a very short time. These delicious cakes are not just works of Mandala art, they capture the pure essence of Mother Nature as they are made with Raw Vegan ingredients.

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Stephen McCarty, a vegan-raw chef from LA, makes elaborately beautiful cakes using only raw, vegan ingredients. For McCarty, who creates under the name Sukhavati Raw Desserts (Sukhavati means “Happy” in Hindi), his Mandala cakes are just another example of life’s impermanence. You need to enjoy what you can, while you can.


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