Britons Embracing The Raw Food Diet

A healthy trend – raw food blogs, magazines and restaurants on the rise in the UK

With two-thirds of Britons declared overweight, the dreaded obesity epidemic is now taking Britain by storm! A diet rich in processed fatty food, meat and dairy, one similar to the Standard American Diet (aka SAD), is largely to blame for this crisis, which unfortunately  is threatening to become a global phenomenon. An unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle are the primary causes of cardiovascular disease. Fortunately though, a growing number of young people in the UK are shifting away from a meat and dairy rich diet to a healthier vegetarian, vegan or raw food diet and are willingly making this lifestyle shift.

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The British Dietetic Association has endorsed a raw plant-based diet as one that can benefit at all-ages and stages of life. Raw food is perhaps the best food we can nourish our bodies with, as it has all nutrients intact, unlike cooked food which is nutritionally lower as any cooking process  destroys live enzymes, cultures and good bacteria that exist naturally in raw food.

 (Video) 30-Day Raw Vegan Diet Challenge

The Vegan society estimates that there are at least 150,000 vegans in the UK, a country which has witnessed a marked increase in the number of people consciously shifting to a plant-based lifestyle in the last decade and a half. With the popularity of a raw diet on the rise, Britian is currently transitioning to include a growing number of raw food restaurants in its culinary landscape.

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Raw Foodism is here to stay! Join the bandwagon coz it’s never too late.

Raw Food Craze UK_Fotor 

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