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Raw Food Festival In Germany Features The Most Amazing Cake Of Its Kind

When thinking of raw food festivals, pictures of fruits, vegetables and other raw foods come to mind at first. Seldom, however, does one think that raw foods could sets records when talented, and passionately committed people come together to create something special. In fact, something that set a WORLD RECORD!

Check out this Coconut Lemon Thyme Cheesecake

A world record in what, though? And what did actually set the world record. Well, you are in for a little bit of a surprise. A dedicated team of 31 people held the Essentis Biohotel (“Bio” is the termed used in German for Organic) and its vegan kitchen to make the LARGEST VEGAN CAKE IN THE WORLD!

Delicious, Drool Inducing Cheesecake You’ll Love

Now, let’s talk some vital statistics. The cake, which actually also turned out to be absolutely delicious, weighed a whopping 857 lb 6.04 oz (almost 340 kg, for those of us who live and breath the metric system) and measured over 10 feet in length and over 5 feet in width (3.1 by 1.6 meters). Wow! That’s just over 50 sq. ft.! And we’re talking about a cake here, not the floor area of walk-in closet! It obviously contained no animal produce of any kind, and was made with huge amounts of pitted dates, mixed nuts and raisins, hazelnuts, coconut oil and cocoa powder.

Here’s A Raw Showstopper With a Tropical Twist

So, what was the whole deal about? Well, the whole point was to raise awareness about healthy eating and lifestyle. The event marked the 5th anniversary of the hotel. Another point made was procuring local, as all ingredients were source locally i.e. from local producers. Now, that’s one awesome story.

Check out these pictures and find out more about this World Record Setting Cake.




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Special thanks to Guiness World Records for posting this. All pictures are from that post.


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