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Your Countdown To A Vegan Lifestyle TV Show Starts Now!

Hold your breath and it’s certainly been worth the wait…… An all new, first-of-its-kind vegan TV show is incredible news indeed! What’s more…..this show will go on air in a month from now! Yes fellow vegans, a show dedicated entirely to a plant-based-lifestyle featuring interviews with vegan celebrities, talks with plant-based -life style experts, live […]

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Amazing Body Down To 50 What??

Vegan Blogger Reveals Secret to Her Transformed Appearance The plan’s called “Raw till Four”. As the name suggests, it involves not eating anything cooked until the evening. And it involves fruits, veggies, nuts etc. – all vegan! And it involves bananas….many, many bananas. In fact, around 50 of them. Per day. Yes, every day! Check Out […]

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Activist, Athlete And An Ardent Animal Lover – Dominick Thompson

Meet a multi-sport athlete and man with a mission Dominick Thompson is a vegan athlete who excels in a number of athletic disciplines like marathons, triathlons, ultra-running, crossfit, powerlifting and boxing!  He is a proud vegan whose plant-based diet nourishes him for extreme physical endurance . Read about Germany’s Strongest Man – A Vegan! He […]

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9 Vegan Personality Types – Which One Are You?

What traits define your vegan personality type?…Find out below! Compassionate, health-conscious, spiritual, environment-friendly and so on are qualities attributed to vegans. They all make a conscious shift to a plant-based lifestyle and yet their motivators and reasons are divergent and unique to their personalities. Irrespective of their vegan personality type, one emotion that drives all […]

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8 Scientific Reasons Why Vegan Men Are More Manly

Did You Know Why Vegan Men are more manly? Here’s a lowdown…! Veganism is a growing trend and according to a 2011 poll, there are just as many vegan men, if not more, as there are vegan women. Surprised, right?  Well, our society still considers eating meat very manly, something that gives a man his sturdy […]

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