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Vegan Power On Display In UFC 196

Raw Vegan Nate Diaz Triumphs in Vegas Nate Diaz, beat Irishman, Conor McGregor, the crowd favorite who has been seen in recent months publicly enjoying his steaks, after abandoning his salad diet for all-steak one! 4 Awesome Tips from A Plant-Based Champion Body-Builder  It may come as a surprise to many UFC fans and followers that […]

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8 Scientific Reasons Why Vegan Men Are More Manly

Did You Know Why Vegan Men are more manly? Here’s a lowdown…! Veganism is a growing trend and according to a 2011 poll, there are just as many vegan men, if not more, as there are vegan women. Surprised, right?  Well, our society still considers eating meat very manly, something that gives a man his sturdy […]

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(VIDEO) The Raw Cabbie

Inspiring and Humble Raw Vegan Bodybuilder Cab Driver Tells His Story Heart-warming story of a Las Vegas cab driver who healed his health conditions and went on to have a body builder’s body. He is on a totally raw diet consisting of fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds. Danny Dalton says that because of his raw […]

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