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Versatile and Vegan Brie

 A homemade healthy Brie that’ll leave you craving for more! Brie is a soft mild cheese, that gets its name from the region in France where it was created. It’s great on a  cheese platter, makes for an amazing appetizer and is likewise a perfect dessert cheese. The traditional buttery-soft French cheese is transformed into a […]

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Amazing Body Down To 50 What??

Vegan Blogger Reveals Secret to Her Transformed Appearance The plan’s called “Raw till Four”. As the name suggests, it involves not eating anything cooked until the evening. And it involves fruits, veggies, nuts etc. – all vegan! And it involves bananas….many, many bananas. In fact, around 50 of them. Per day. Yes, every day! Check Out […]

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Amazing Cake At Rohvolution…

Raw Food Festival In Germany Features The Most Amazing Cake Of Its Kind When thinking of raw food festivals, pictures of fruits, vegetables and other raw foods come to mind at first. Seldom, however, does one think that raw foods could sets records when talented, and passionately committed people come together to create something special. […]

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Vegan Power On Display In UFC 196

Raw Vegan Nate Diaz Triumphs in Vegas Nate Diaz, beat Irishman, Conor McGregor, the crowd favorite who has been seen in recent months publicly enjoying his steaks, after abandoning his salad diet for all-steak one! 4 Awesome Tips from A Plant-Based Champion Body-Builder  It may come as a surprise to many UFC fans and followers that […]

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Creamy ’n Comforting Curry

A vegan bowl of goodness! This awesome curry is mild in flavor and makes for a  delicious wholesome fiber-rich accompaniment to quinoa, millets or brown rice. Served by itself, it makes for a nutritional gluten free dish that’s light and sustaining. TOP 10  PLANT-BASED PROTEIN POWERHOUSES Indian Curry is often associated with a tedious and […]

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