Delighted Bill Clinton Enjoys a Vegan Take Away

Vegan former President in Vegas

While on a campaign tour to the strip, President Clinton spotted a Vegan café and was thrilled to see many like him with similar diets. On being asked what he eats in particular, he confessed he enjoys his vegan food much more than he did before, as his cooks seemed to have nailed the vegan meat substitute now. He enjoys Italian vegan dishes and chili enchiladas.

Preferring to stay with one of his favorites, the President opted for a Green Chili Enchilada and was delighted with his choice, particularly with the cashew cheese sauce and textured vegetable protein that covered the nachos.


President Clinton switched to a vegan diet post his cardiac problems and emphasizes that it was a life changing experience.  A much leaner and fitter looking Clinton, attributes his improved health condition to his plant based lifestyle.

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Allergic to dairy, he added he likes the vegan diet the best as he feels very energetic and it keeps his heart healthy. As prescribed by his doctor, he has salmon once a week but can’t wait to get back on a completely vegan diet !

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A satisfied customer is good news but if he is the President then it’s great!

Bill Clinton Vegan Vegas_Fotor

Bill Clinton at simplypure while on campaign trail in Las Vegas, NV


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