Gordon Ramsay Irks Vegans!

Chef, Restaurateur and now allergic to vegans……

Gordon Ramsay, a Michelin star chef, often makes it to the headlines due his culinary prowess and TV shows. And yet again, he’s in the news, this time though, for wrong reasons.

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Well known for his minced beef Shepherd’s Pie, this outspoken chef is known for not mincing words. When asked by a Twitter fan recently if he has any food allergies, pat came his reply, ’Vegans’! This certainly did not go down well with vegans, who reacted sharply to his insensitive comments .

Britons Embracing The Raw Food Diet

Gordon Ramsay’s comments come at a time when veganism is on the rise the world over. No longer considered a celebrity fringe diet, it is associated with life-changing health benefits. Endorsed by professional athletes and medical doctors, a plant-based diet has long-term positive effects not only on our health but that of our planet.

Processed Meats are Cancer Causing, Warns WHO!

Most global brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Guinness are well on their way to embracing this lifestyle switch by introducing vegan ice-cream and vegan beer to their established product-line. No wonder then that Gordon Ramsay’s comments are extremely inopportune, to say the least!

Delighted Bill Clinton Enjoys a Vegan Take Away

Go vegan for your health!


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