Kat Von D Going Completely Vegan

And That Goes Way Beyond Just Her Diet – What Could It Be?

Kat Von D is making fundamental alterations to the make-up line bearing her name, Kat Von D Beauty. She recently announced that she’s taking it one hundred percent vegan. This was while she was talking to the vegan lifestyle magazine Laika in an interview with them.

“So, what’s that mean, exactly?” you’re probably asking yourself now. You know your friend who doesn’t consume anything whatsoever that’s an animal product— milk, cheese, honey, and many others things —she’s vegan, isn’t it? Now replace the dietary stuff with beauty merchandise. This just means that this additionally being cruelty-free (i.e. definitely not testing on animals)—Kat Von D is now replacing use of long-established parts like beeswax (more often than not utilized in lip balms) and Carmine, a dye made out of beetles’ wings with plant-based substitutes. (Carmine, by the way, is a customary additive. Check your make-up packaging for CI 75470 to find out if your favourite brands are making use of it.)

“We have been reformulating anything that had carmine in the past, and if we can’t reformulate, we just throw them out,” she told the magazine. “I can live without a purple eyeshadow, it’s fine.”

It’s a game changer for the makeup-loving animal enthusiasts among us – yay!!

“When I launched [the line,] I was not sober; I was not vegan yet. So I had no idea about ingredients in formulation,” she said. “I would always think it was funny when brands would be like, ‘Oh, we’re vegan.’ Yeah, well, you don’t eat lipstick. [I was] super ignorant, you know?”

Are you now wondering when these fundamentally revamped products will be hitting the shelves for you to get their hands on them? The jury is still now. Rest assured, though, that the moment we know, we’ll be communicating it further for sure.

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Special Thanks to the Huffington Post for posting this. The featured image is from that post. 

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