Pretty. Edible. Christmas Tree!

A Showstopper Centerpiece on the Christmas Table

Eye catching, colorful, raw and vegan best describe this fabulous Christmas tree bedecked with fresh fruits.

An amazing healthy treat that’s far easier to assemble than it seems.

A few cookie cutters, toothpicks, a Styrofoam cone and an assortment of colorful fresh fruits is all one needs to create this Christmas centerpiece in minutes.

Here’s a great raw vegan way to delight your all your guests- raw vegan or not!


Materials you’ll need for this edible Christmas tree

  • A green Styrofoam cone (size of your choosing) from your local craft store, such as Michaels.
  • Toothpicks.
  • Cookie cutters of various Christmas themed shapes.
  • Assorted fruits, such as green and red grapesstrawberries, kiwis, dried cranberries and melons.
  • Cilantro


  1. If you are only able to find a white Styrofoam cone, then you might want to wrap some green cellophane over it, or attach the fruit very densely so the color doesn’t show through.
  2. Using the cookie cutters, create various shapes out of your melon slices.
  3. Place toothpicks in the Styrofoam cone and add one piece of fruit to each toothpick.  Think free-form; as the tree starts building, you’ll get an impression of which fruit combinations look better and how densely packed you want your tree to be.
  4. Continue building the tree until you’re satisfied with how it looks.
  5. Use the cilantro leaves as grass garnish.

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Special Thanks to Prajakta Dudhade for posting this. The picture is from that post.

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