Processed Meats Are Cancer Causing, Warns WHO

World Health Organization (WHO) Report links Bacon, Sausages and Ham consumption to bowel cancer

Findings of a WHO report suggest that 50g of processed meat a day, less than 2 slices of bacon a day, up the risk of developing colorectal cancer by 18%.

Processed meats include sausages,bacon, ham, salami, hot dogs, corned beef, beef jerky, canned meat and meat based sauces. These meats are processed by methods like curing and smoking or by adding salt or other preservatives, primarily to alter taste and extend shelf life.

Based on the advice of International Agency for Research on Cancer, WHO has categorized processed meat with plutonium, a known human carcinogen. While red meat is known to be a good source of iron,zinc and vitamin B12, consuming red meat especially processed meat in moderation is the rule of the game.

We at RVZ believe that a plant based diet does provide all the nutrients that come from red meat without health hazards.

Be kind to your body and you’ll end up saving so many brutal killings in slaughterhouses, each day every day!

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Read the full article Processed meats do cause cancer – WHO here

Special Thanks to the BBC for posting this.
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