Raw Food Diet Has Made Him Almost Superhuman

Benefits of a ‘common sense diet’ from Fruitarian Marathoner


Michael Arnstein turned to a predominantly fruit based diet some years ago with the sole purpose of enhancing his performance as a runner and athlete.
He enjoys about 6000 calories a day coming from raw fruits and vegetables and boasts of a mere 3-5% body fat.

Switching to this diet has improved his performance and stamina as a marathoner unlike any supplements and vitamins did in the past. That apart, Michael has enjoyed many other incidental benefits from his diet like improved vision, mental clarity and skin, his body does not over produce mucus and he almost never gets sick.

His diet has transformed him for the better, not only as an athlete but as a person. Having the seventh fastest time as an American in a 100 mile marathon is no mean feat for someone sustaining himself only on fruits and vegetables right?

Learn more about this fit American Marathoner and his ‘controversial’ diet



Click here for the video posted at Fruitarian

Special Thanks to Fruitarian and CNN for posting this. Pictures are from that post and YouTube.

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