Raw, Vegan For “Black Widow” And Crowned Sexiest Woman Alive Twice!

Scarlett Johansson Is The Only One To Claim The Title For The Second Time – In An Even Sexier Avatar!

Scarlett Johansson did it yet again a just few years ago! The only woman to win this title twice. She won her first title in 2006 and seven years on, an older Johansson was even more sexier in 2013. How did she do this ?

Johansson attributes her success in preparation of the “Black Widow” role to her raw vegan diet and healthy lifestyle and she acknowledges that her shift from a meat heavy diet to a plant base one, coupled with a dedicated workout regime, required for a role, enabled her to shed kilos and ensured that she fit into a catsuit.

Scarlett extends her healthy lifestyle, required for her professional life, into her personal life and ensures she spends time in the gym everyday along with eating loads of fruits and vegetables. “We can all pledge to have healthy bodies no matter how diverse out lifestyles may be”, is what she believes.

We Owe It To Our Health, Too, So Why Not Stay Active And Eat Healthy?

Scarlett Johansson 2

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