Savory “Rice” With Rich Red Sauce

Tickle Those Taste Buds With A Raw Vegan ‘Staple’ Served With A Tangy Sauce

Rice is a staple in many kitchens, often a main component of a meal , especially in Asian kitchens. One can be raw vegan and still enjoy ’‘rice’ . Here’s how…..

This quick and easy recipe exemplifies a clever use of cauliflower to substitute those rice grains we all crave for every once in a while . This nutty Mediterranean flavored “rice” is served with a flavorful sauce and together they make for a healthy hearty meal, which can be enjoyed over and over again, whatever the season and reason!

With minimal ingredients and prep time, this delicious dish leaves you craving for more.

Try it for yourself!

Cauliflower Rice


Check out the full recipe here

Special Thanks to Food52 and Gena Hamshaw for posting this. The picture is from that post.

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