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Three Cheers To This Committed, Compassionate Celebrity!

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation donates 15 Million Dollars To save our ONLY home – Our Planet! DiCaprio is used to being in the limelight. A couple of days back, he was back on stage at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland  to collect an award for the amazing work his foundation is feverishly doing towards […]

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24 Celebrity Dads That Have Something In Common

Kudos to these compassionate celebrity dads All the celebrity dads you see here are either vegan or vegetarian! It is well known that animal abuse and torture is rampant in these commercial establishments. The miserable conditions in which animals are kept in or transported to slaughter houses and ultimately the horrific ends they meet, goes largely […]

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Boy! George Has Never Looked Better!

Boy George shares the secret of his new and improved self….. Talented, quirky, creative are perhaps a few adjectives that describe this Culture Club lead singer. Known for his unorthodox dressing style, Boy George is now noticed for his glowing skin and new and improved looks. He certainly isn’t getting any younger…..so what  brought about […]

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