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Creamy ’n Comforting Curry

A vegan bowl of goodness! This awesome curry is mild in flavor and makes for a  delicious wholesome fiber-rich accompaniment to quinoa, millets or brown rice. Served by itself, it makes for a nutritional gluten free dish that’s light and sustaining. TOP 10  PLANT-BASED PROTEIN POWERHOUSES Indian Curry is often associated with a tedious and […]

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A DIY Raw Vegan Yogurt!

Coconut-based, Easy-to-make With Minimal Ingredients Yogurt is full good bacteria, aka probiotics, which are great digestive aids, especially for raw vegans, who tend to have a fiber rich diet. This recipe ensures that vegans, too, can have their fair share of probiotics. Making yogurt at home, that too vegan, sounds very complicated, right? You are […]

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