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Most Marvellous Mango Lassi

Very delicious, very creamy very vegan mango treat Mangoes are named the most consumed fruit in the world for good reason. Their sweet taste, vibrant color and smooth fiberless texture make mangoes a very versatile fruit. Great for smoothies and ice-creams, gorgeous as toppings on a torte, ideal for juices and simple delicious just by […]

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Gorgeous Green Smoothie

Great green nutrient packed start to your day Green leafy vegetables are packed with immunity boosting phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Despite being such a great source of nourishment, leafy greens unfortunately feature more as sides in our menus, instead of being accorded the ‘star’ status in a dish. Antioxidant rich greens help in […]

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Totally Healed After Diet Change

Dreaded condition reversed after change to a plant-based diet Most doctors would not treat their patients with conditions such as Dr. Ruby Lathon’s at the time by only changing their diets, when more aggressive and effective treatments and medicines are available to contain the dreaded disease. So when confronted with a similar situation after being […]

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Delicious, Drool inducing Creamy Cheesecake

  Enjoy this healthy cheese cakes sans refined sugar, dairy and gluten…….that’s right! Decadent and delightful are words that describe the usual cheesecake. Sadly, however, enjoying this slice of heaven leaves you feeling guilty and loaded with calories. Not this one, though….delightful and decadent it is too and yet, it is much lighter and comes […]

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Boy! George Has Never Looked Better!

Boy George shares the secret of his new and improved self….. Talented, quirky, creative are perhaps a few adjectives that describe this Culture Club lead singer. Known for his unorthodox dressing style, Boy George is now noticed for his glowing skin and new and improved looks. He certainly isn’t getting any younger…..so what  brought about […]

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