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Beautiful Burgundy Beet Salad

A seriously unbeatable beet Salad Have a bite of this salad and non-believers become believers and believers stay devoted – this is the magic of this salad. This gorgeous purple crimson salad is just perfect choice for the ones going the vegan and healthy way!   Check out this COLORFUL COOL CITRUS SALAD This pretty plant-based side dish is […]

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Colorful Cool Citrus Salad

Celebrate with a healthy raw salad This salad is simply stunning! It’s a riot of colors on a platter, almost ornamental. An assortment of citrus fruit artistically cut just screams color-orange clementines and mandarins, ruby red blood orange, red grapefruits, pink pomelo – a citrus color platter almost too pretty to eat.  Crispy, Crunchy’n’Colorful ‘Christmas Tree’ […]

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Crispy, Crunchy ’n Colorful ‘Christmas Tree’ Salad

Pretty healthy stuff this….! Here’s a recipe to usher in this festive season with an awesome salad- the raw vegan way! This simple recipe combines vibrantly colored fresh raw ingredients that double up as Christmas tree ornaments like glistening pomegranates gems, ruby red cranberry baubles, glossy grape bulbs, stunning orange serial lights and a sprouted […]

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