Top 3 Myths Of A Raw Food Diet Debunked

Most common raw food myths explained…..

A Raw food diet is often associated with the numerous health benefits it brings to us, the many lifestyle diseases amongst others that it has contained or amazingly reversed and the enhanced physical endurance that it provides it followers- professional athletes amongst others.

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However, a raw food diet has its fair share of skeptics and critics who tend to have similar apprehensions and criticisms of this plant-based raw diet . These Top 3 Myths tend to be:

  1. Expensive
  2. Fruits and Veggies only
  3. Cold food

Fiber heavy, prohibitively expensive, salads only and the total lack of hot meals are more often than not, the impressions many harbor about this diet. Though these are nothing but myths.

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Raw Michelle attempts to put some common myths about this diet to rest in her interesting article here….

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Special Thanks to Raw Michelle and Natural News for posting this. Read the full article here.

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