Top 5 Reasons Joaquin Phoenix Is Adored By Vegans!

Compassionate to the core, Phoenix continues to impress way beyond his craft

A life-long vegan, this talented actor uses his platform to voice his concerns against animal cruelty and for raising awareness in a society which tends to look away.

Fame and money has not changed his core, no wonder he strikes such a chord with not only vegans but large sections of people from very differing backgrounds.

Some famous personalities do charity, some engage in philanthropy but Joaquin Phoenix not only loves what he does but does what he loves.

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So, here goes…the 5 reasons are:

  1. He stopped eating meat at the age of 3!
  2. He is the narrator of one of the most popular and shocking animal rights documentaries ever made
  3. He used to be billed as “Leaf Phoenix”
  4. He is very vocal about animal rights issues
  5. He voiced a children’s movie with a vegan message

Check out what makes him so loved in the vegan community

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Special Thanks to VeganWoman for posting this. Pictures are from that post.

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