Totally Healed After Diet Change

Dreaded condition reversed after change to a plant-based diet

Most doctors would not treat their patients with conditions such as Dr. Ruby Lathon’s at the time by only changing their diets, when more aggressive and effective treatments and medicines are available to contain the dreaded disease. So when confronted with a similar situation after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, the patient, Dr. Ruby, decided to treat herself through her diet, rather than to take the usual route prescribed in such situations.

In line with her treatment, she gave herself one year on a raw food diet heavily reliant on fruits and vegetables and consequently stopped consumption of processed foods and dairy.

Her belief that the body can heal itself certainly paid off. Cancer free and convinced of the healing powers of raw vegan food, Dr. Lathon is now a beacon of hope and role model to many and a living example of the possible transformational impact of a plant-based raw diet.

Why not benefit from Nature’s bounty in its natural state and live healthier lives?

Dr Ruby Lathon 2

Read Dr. Lathon’s story and visit her site here

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