Tropical Countries Allow For Great Vegan Diets

Delicious & Healthy Vegan Diet & Exercise Day in Thailand

With a large selection of exotic fruits such as pineapple, mango and papaya, and an equally great selection of vegetables that grow there, countries such as Thailand offer an excellent choice for anyone following a raw, vegan diet. Mixing these raw ingredients into delicious smoothies, shakes and even preparing soups sets the stage perfectly for satisfying the raw, vegan diet.

The climate in these countries typically tends to be hot and humid, leading to a lot of sweating. It becomes very important to keep oneself adequately hydrated at all times, be it exercising, working or just chilling.

In the video below, you’ll see a person following purely vegan i.e. plant-based diet, which is low fat and high carb and has a lot of raw fruits and veggies, eats unlimited portions. Per her own description, being a vegan gives her many benefits such as optimal health, high energy, spiritual and mental clarity and so much more.

Watch the video and enjoy!

Thanks for watching ♥ Thumbs up if you want to see more like this! For those who might be new, I follow a high carb, low fat plant based diet with lots of raw fruits and veggies. I eat an unlimited amount of food / calories (but would say I average at around 2500+ per day). My preferred way of eating is, fruits during the day and salad (with a kick ass dressing) along with either sweet potatoes or pumpkin at night – this is what works best for me personally (other people thrive better on more cooked starches so it varies).

Special Thanks to Annie Jaffrey for posting this video. All screenshots are from that video!

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