Vegan Power On Display In UFC 196

Raw Vegan Nate Diaz Triumphs in Vegas

Nate Diaz, beat Irishman, Conor McGregor, the crowd favorite who has been seen in recent months publicly enjoying his steaks, after abandoning his salad diet for all-steak one!

4 Awesome Tips from A Plant-Based Champion Body-Builder 

It may come as a surprise to many UFC fans and followers that Nate Diaz, has been vegan for over half his life. Like his brother Nick Diaz, Nate is plant-based and has been predominantly on a raw vegan diet for the last few years and tries to go completely raw vegan especially in the run up to championships because going raw provides them with the power they need for such physically demanding events. Like most raw food proponents, he believes that unprocessed raw plant food provides enzymes in their natural state that enable protein building, unlike cooked food which has a number of nutrients destroyed due to the cooking process.

US Runner of the Year 4 Times Over – Is Raw Vegan! 

Nate Diaz, is yet another raw vegan athlete who has shown the critics of a vegan diet that plant-based proteins are just as good, if not better.

Three cheers to raw vegan power!

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Special Thanks to ecorazzi for posting this. Picture credits to PETA, SportsCenter and Rise of the Vegan (featured)

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