(Video) 30-Day Raw Vegan Diet Challenge

Can a raw vegan diet reverse lifestyle diseases? Watch What Happens To 5 Alberta Carnivores Who Go Raw Vegan For 30 Days!

As a part of a documentary, ‘I like it raw’, committed carnivores, suffering from obesity related health issues like diabetes and blood pressure, in Alberta, Canada, were asked to volunteer and take part in a month-long raw vegan challenge to test the benefits of a raw plant-based diet on their existing ailments.

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Passionate about health and nutrition and prompted by her own skin related struggles, the host and producer of this documentary who had read about the myriad health benefits this diet offers, was keen to test the efficacy of the claims made by plant-based raw foodists. Thus she set about making this documentary wherein she invited volunteers, to face the raw and meatless challenge and tracked the impacts this diet change had on their respective health.

Five motivated Edmontonians accepted this challenge with the sole purpose of salvaging their health. They went raw vegan for 4 weeks and each one of them benefitted in different ways but all dropped in weight and experienced positive effects both physical and mental, as a result of going meatless for 30 days.

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One volunteer had his doubts about going completely raw but was convinced that many people like himself, could benefit from this diet just like he did at the end of the challenge.

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Although a raw diet is nutrient and fiber dense and has amazing health benefits, it is often considered  to be lacking in proteins, calcium and certain vitamins, observed a dietician. Her advice to those who adopt this lifestyle is to inform themselves adequately well about nourishing themselves in the best possible way, so as get the best out of this diet.

Watch this soon to be aired documentary to find out how the volunteers fared.

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